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FAQ on Product Line

FAQ on Free Study Material & Other Resources

FAQ of Product Line:

1) IITians@yourHome (Online JEE Coaching)

(a) Which course is suitable for me?

Ans: IITians@yourHome as the name suggests gets an IITian live at your home via a two-way (duplex) interactive online system. Depending upon the need of the student IITians@yourHome is administered in two ways namely,

  • Batch Course (online live classroom like course ideal for students belonging to the reasonably similar time zones)
  • One-on-One ( Highly customised, personalised live Online IIT JEE Coaching for intensive student teacher discussion of concepts)

(b) What is the mode of teaching?

Ans: IITians@yourHome is purely an online course. Our user-friendly software coverts the computer screen into a blackboard and absolutely similar to offline tutoring. All you need to have is a computer with a broadband internet connection. Take a Demo and experience our live online JEE classroom.

All the 3 levels covering Level 1- Boards, Level 2- JEE Mains, Level 3- JEE Advanced are rendered on batch course or One-on-one hourly basis.

A typical batch size is 6-10 for the Batch Course of IITians@yourHome, whereas the One-on-One course is conducted on hourly basis, depending on the nature of the course: Long-term, Short-term & Crash Course.

(c) Is there any minimum number of hours required for the Batch or 1-on-1 course?

Ans: For a more meaningful and effective learning process it is advisable that a batch course lasts 120 Hrs and an One-on-One course lasts 50 Hrs on the minimum side. That helps the faculty members to design the course as per the curriculum of the subject (s) in a proper way.

(d) What is the technical set up required for the classes?

Ans: Bare minimum technical requirement is:

  • A laptop/PC
  • Headphone, Mic, Speaker & Webcam
  • 1 MBps broadband internet speed
  • Adobe Flash Player (takes a minute to install or update)

We strongly recommend a laptop or PC for the online courses as research studies have shown that learning process via Tablets, Phones, Ipads or other mobile devices disrupt attention level of a learner.

Psychologically mobile devices are not as effective as their traditional stationary counterparts like Laptop or a desktop.

(e) How much internet data should I reserve monthly for IITians@yourHome?

Ans: To avoid any disruption, a student needs to reserve 8 to 10 GB of Internet Data for online courses on a monthly basis.

(f) What are the benefits of Kshitij and online tutoring?

Ans: Kshitij Education India is completely devoted to imparting quality education. Everyone involved with Kshitij is an educationist with a common objective of rendering services, top notch. Kshitij charges minimal fees and is considerably lower than any of the other online JEE coaching institutes. Fees have been made affordable and are designed in a way so as to make good the operating expenses to the organisation. Astronomical fees prevalent in Kota and other centres confine education to only one section of society.

At Kshitij we respect talent and merit of both teachers and students. Kshitij also doles out scholarships on both need-based and merit to deserving aspirants.

The benefits of online tutoring cannot be overemphasized. Firstly a student gets trained right from his or her house and need not undergo the travails of travelling and staying away from home. This saves time, money and energy, motivation keeping in-tact the unmatched quality of our faculty member who are IITians. Every live class is supplemented by video lectures of the same for offline revision and reference. Recordings are a student’s assets which can be watched anytime as per their convenience.

(g) Can I have a free demo class before taking admission?

Ans: Kshitij welcomes you all to experience our two-way online JEE coaching live classes and validate our quality. We at Kshitij believe that one cannot describe verbally but can definite experience the taste of a mango. Similarly only attending a free demo class one can experience our Online tutoring platform. Sign up for a Free Demo here.

(h) What if I miss my regular sessions due to illness?

Ans: All the classes are recorded and circulated amongst online course students. Recordings are the assets of students and can be referred to them for revision in future. Recordings are a very effective means for revising and building a strong conceptual background. Besides on special request to our operations team, we adjust classes for students and make up for lost hours.

(i) Are the online sessions recorded? If yes then how to access?

Ans: Yes the sessions are recorded and a student can access by logging into his account on the website and then by clicking on Play Recordings. For any confusion you may reach to our Operations Team. We suggest that our students go through the FAQ section thoroughly to get a good idea.

(j) Can I get any scholarship?

Ans: Kshitij provides immense room to deserving students to live up to their dreams of getting into one of the centres of excellence. Many deserving students in Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal are financially unprivileged and thus cannot make it to good engineering institutes for want of money hence guidance.

As a exercise of giving back it to the society Kshitij values talent and is willing to lend support such deserving candidates.

Besides we also provide Scholarship to students based on their 10th Standard boards score in the following manner:
90-95% = 5% scholarship;
96% & above = 10% scholarship.

2) Correspondence Course

(a) How can Kshitij JEE correspondence course help me?

Ans: In the online IIT JEE coaching space very few organisations provide quality correspondence course. Kshitij has tried to better the standards and has worked on the shortcomings of its nearest competitors. To understand how Kshitij can help a student has to looks at the USP of Kshitij:

  • 600 Hrs of Recorded HD Video Lecture in 1080 p resolution
  • NCERT Solutions to emphasize on the importance of Boards
  • NCERT curriculum is super set of JEE curriculum
  • Last 30 Years past JEE papers with detailed solutions
  • Teacher focuses on the camera on eye to eye with the students
  • Teacher doesn’t refer to the book while discussing topic

Our competitors offer not more 250 Hrs of lectures with a resolution of 480P. Kindly refer to Youtube page for our sample.

(b) What all am I entitled to in Correspondence course?

Ans: Our Correspondence course aim at offering the best blend of study materials encompassing all the subject topics and associated tricks:

  • 600 Hrs of High Quality Lecture Videos
  • Study Material on all subjects and related tricks for the tough problems
  • 10000 plus solved question bank with 250 Hrs of Video solutions
  • NCERT Questions with solutions including 150 Hrs of video solutions
  • Past 30 Years JEE chapter-wise video solutions
  • Complimentary Online JEE Test Series

(c) What are the other requirements in Correspondence course?

Ans: Our correspondence course material comes in a combination of hard and soft copies. Kshitij gives you the material for correspondence course in External Hard Disks alongside books and hard copies.

The only requirement for effective utilisation of Correspondence course would be a Laptop or a desktop.

(d) Can I have a free sample of the course?

Ans: For samples of recorded lectures please visit and subscribe to our YouTube page in the name of Kshitij Education India

A candidate can also enrol for correspondence course and request a sample @ +91-9899713975 or Request a Call Back.

3) Online Test Series

(a) How can Kshitij Online Test Series help me?

Ans: At Kshitij we believe that exam readiness is the key to success. A serious aspirant has to not only master the concepts but also be prepared to apply the relevant concepts to question as and when hurled at him or her.

Kshitij with its superior User Interface functionality presents test in several formats. A student can not only go a full-fledged test but also take part tests subject wise as concept checkers.

A student can design his own test on the basis of random permutation and combination of questions drawn from our database of 30,000 questions for both JEE Mains and Advanced.

JEE Mains and Advance as the toughest tests in the world do not repeat previous years’ questions and expect aspirants to have a conceptual bent of mind.

Online test series just like JEE Correspondence Course helps an aspirant supplement his or her IIT JEE preparation in the most effective way. The vast array of questions and the test room scenario helps one perform well on the D-day.

(b) What all do I get in the Online Test Series?

Ans: An aspirant gets the following once signed up for Kshitij Online IIT JEE Practice Test Series:

  • Ability to customise the test via super user interface
  • Part Test on chapters, subject specific
  • Full Test covering all the topics across chapters and subjects
  • Database of 30,000 questions both new and old JEE questions
  • Detailed Analysis of Performance and scope of improvement
  • Detailed Analysis of solutions to questions

(c) Can I have a free sample of the Online Test Series?

Ans: Yes, of course you can, just register yourself for the free mock demo

FAQ on Free Study Material & Other Resources

(1) What all do I get in this section?

Ans: The Free IIT JEE Study Material section has the following:

  • Over 10,000 pages of chapter wise content from each of the subjects relevant for IIT JEE preparation.
  • Detailed discussion with Illustrations on each of the chapters.
  • Past Years’ IIT JEE & AIEEE Papers with Solutions.
  • Past Years’ JEE Mains and Advanced Questions with Solutions.
  • Discussion Forum as discussed in subsequent question.

(2) What is Discussion Forum? How can I be benefitted from it?

Ans: A Discussion Forum is nothing but a virtual place where two participants with similar interest level meet to discuss and debate a topic of choice.

Discussion forum in Kshitij is a noble gesture of giving back to the society. This intellectually enriching forum is a part of our free services where a student can get his doubt clarified from the best of faculty members including the IITians, NITians and other fellow IIT JEE aspirants.

Discussion forum helps clarify doubts, analyse topics and with over 1500 active threads across subjects, is a boon to the JEE aspirant community.

  • Online Classroom Program

    • IITians @ Your Home, Attend Classes directly from Home
    • Two way interaction between Teacher and Students
    • Zero Travel Time or Cost involved, No Hidden Charges
    • Small Batch Sizes, Maximum of 12-15 Students
    • Golden Opportunity to be trained by IITians and NITians
    • All you need is a Computer / Laptop & Internet Connection
    Try Free Demo Class IIT JEE Online Classes
  • 1 on 1 Online Class

    • IITians @ your Home for 1 on 1 Class
    • Two way Communication between Teacher and Student
    • Special Doubt Removal & Problem solving Sessions
    • Customize the Course as per your desire - Duration, Timing, Faculty etc
    • All faculties are IITians and NITians
    • All you need is a Computer / Laptop & Internet Connection
    Try Free Demo Class IIT JEE 1 on 1 Online Classes
  • Correspondence Course Details

    • 600 Hours of Recorded Lectures by IITians and NITians
    • Best Study Material comprising all Concepts and Tricks
    • 10000+ Solved Question Bank + 250 Hours of Video Solutions
    • Complete NCERT solutions + 150 Hours of NCERT Video Solutions
    • Last 30 years JEE chapterwise video solutions
    • 100% Original Material prepared by JEE Experts
    Register for Free Now IIT JEE Correspondence Courses
  • AITS for JEE Main and JEE Advanced

    Register for Free Now JEE Test Series
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