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Sound waves

Sound waves are the most important example of longitudinal waves. They can travel through any material medium with a speed that depends on the properties of the medium. As the waves travel, the particles in the medium vibrate to produce changes in density and pressure along the direction of motion of the wave. These changes result in a series of high-pressure and low-pressure regions. If the source of the sound waves vibrates sinusoidally, the pressure variations are also sinusoidal. We shall find that the mathematical description of sinusoidal sound waves is identical to that of sinusoidal string waves, which was discussed in the previous chapter.

Sound waves are divided into three categories that cover different frequency ranges. (1) Audible waves are waves that lie within the range of sensitivity of the human ear. They can be generated in a variety of ways, such as by musical instruments, human vocal cords, and loudspeakers. (2) Infrasonic waves are waves having frequencies below the audible range. Elephants can use infrasonic waves to communicate with each other, even when separated by many kilometers. (3) Ultrasonic waves are waves having frequencies above the audible range. You may have used a “silent” whistle to retrieve your dog. The ultrasonic sound it emits is easily heard by dogs, although humans cannot detect it at all. Ultrasonic waves are also used in medical imaging.

We begin this chapter by discussing the speed of sound waves and then wave intensity, which is a function of wave amplitude. We then provide an alternative description of the intensity of sound waves that compresses the wide range of intensities to which the ear is sensitive to a smaller range. Finally, we treat effects of the motion of sources and/or listeners.

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