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IIT JEE Free Study Material (For JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2013)

Kshitij Education India is providing free IIT JEE study material which is complete in itself, covering all the topics which are required to study for IIT JEE 2013, JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations.

Good IITJEE Study Material should have a clear organizational pattern. When you take notes, you should write them down with your own words. Study Material should be arranged into an appropriate form e.g. a list, a diagram, a table, etc.

Our free study material for IIT JEE 2013 comprises of all topics with required diagram and real life examples, solved example, tables of important constant value, some conceptual questions that will help in developing and memorising the concepts. All these qualities makes our study material one of the best IIT JEE study material.

Multimedia-enriched Study Material helps make concepts simple and easy. Flexibility to study anytime and to go through Kshitij's free IIT JEE study material as many times as you may need to ensures that your learning in the topic is thorough & complete.

How will Kshitij's IIT JEE 2013 study material help me study better?

  • Topics logically organized into smaller concepts within a chapter for quick & thorough understanding
  • Text supported with rich and lively graphics to make the concept easy to understand
  • Appropriate use of diagrams wherever necessary
  • Real-life examples that help relate theory with practical applications

Our IIT JEE 2013 study material is completely structured in hierarchical manner as you can see on the right side. Each subject is divided into various parts where each part contain its corresponding chapters which are further expanded up to various topics in those chapters.

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Collapse MathsMaths
Expand AlgebraAlgebra
Expand TrignometryTrignometry
Expand CalculusCalculus
Expand Coordinate GeometryCoordinate Geometry
Vector and 3D Geometry
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Collapse PhysicsPhysics
Expand MechanicsMechanics
Expand WaveWave
Expand Thermal PhysicsThermal Physics
Expand ElectrostaticsElectrostatics
Expand Current ElectricityCurrent Electricity
Expand MagnetismMagnetism
Expand Alternating Current circuitsAlternating Current circuits
Expand OpticsOptics
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Collapse ChemistryChemistry
Expand An Introduction to the Study of Organic ChemistryAn Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry
Expand HydroCarbons, StereoChemistry and ResonanceHydroCarbons, StereoChemistry and Resonance
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